Notes and briefs re: Graceful Systems

Graceful Systems are designed with hospitality and decency in mind – they are systems that forgive and forget. This site will be where I collect and refine the concept of a graceful system.

The writing will assume you are like me, a person who interacts with a large number of technologically-mediated systems every day, and who thinks about the design intentions behind those everyday systems. The ways by which these everyday systems can be made profitable, efficient, permanent, and indelible are well-studied; they are not of interest here.

Instead, we look to the fundamental experiences that make being a human unique—sharing a joke, ignoring a fart, forgetting a face—these elements of magnanimity and grace that we effortlessly provide for each those we care for. Let's start from there, and see how we can re-think some of the habits we accumulated on the way to the here and now.